The Young Writers Publications Organisation is a youth platform to showcase and support youths with the gift of art, writing and creativity. As a set organisation it voices the many talented and gifted writers, poets, singers, artists, animators and graphic designers. We believe in the talent of the youths of our generation gifted with what can change, reshape and make a better tomorrow through the creativity hidden within them. Therefore, as organisation with various ambitions, we have in place some set laws and regulations as stated clearly in the Young Writers Publications policy. We are grateful and delighted to have you all as members, users and contributors of our site. To remain a proud member of our team, every contributor of content must humbly and sincerely comply to the expected extracts from our policy highly to be considered before use of this site:

  • The Young Writers Publications Organisation is a Christian foundation established to better the lives of our nation and as well as internationally. We show interests in Spiritual writings, scripts, articles, biographies, life teaching stories, educational stories, fiction comprising of drama, adventure, suspense, comedy, crime, thriller, romance, fables and much more stories not meant only to entertain but to teach. Each category of choice is permitted to all writers/artists/animators of choice who are free spirited.
  • The above permitted content, however, requires that each content has a positive side attached to the various deeper meanings allowed on this site. Therefore, with strict measures, we shall not allow any form of indecent, prohibited content on this site. Anything destructive be it having vivid descretible scenes as in some life stories, be it vivid descriptions of romance, obscene language or anything corruptive, be alerted and informed that we shall not condone such content on our site.
  • As a team we have a vision,  a vision to create, teach, inspire, win souls, educate and better tommorow’s world by that which do. We show no interest in anything compromising our goal to spread genuine, pure, good, accepted, character building talent. We are here to make better people of tomorrow’s society. That’s who we are.
  • Any illegal content questioning the proper use of the site will be with immediate effected terminated without warning! We say not this to scare anyone, we love all our members but we want to ensure that our code of conduct is observed, the bettering of God fearing people who are talented, creative and certainly gifted. We want to create in you the better people to represent society and not ruin it.
  • Scripts, writings, art, animations all have meanings and if we devalue that which ought to be pure, we may intentionally or perhaps unintentianally corrupt the society meant to be the future hope of tomorrow. We implement these restrictions simply because we are all sensitive to what we read, learn, think and see. What comes to the mind of the writer or artist has much an effect on them as on the reader/viewer. As the Young Writers Publications Team, we created this platform to better the world we live in and not worsen it.
  • Our goal is to beautify, embrace, edify and illustrate what life values we’ve acquired through experience, lessons, hardships and maturity.
  • We are strongly focused on pure content being that as an organisation our interest is creating a better you and society through art,writing and creativity. It is your God given gift! Embrace it for the better good!
  • Therefore, having put that forth, we are to remind you that we will not immediately terminate any contributor without warning as will be strictly exercised on their content should it compromise and violate our conduct. However, with a couple of warnings, if any contributor should choose to refuse to comply to our expectations, then, and only as a final act, will we be forced to terminate their user account!
  • We are a humble people wishing to support you, care and be there for you all. We created this platform because we care about what you do.
  • It will be an honour to us if you respect and use our site as we’ve briefly stated as possible what partly is contained in the policy should you have not read it in full.
  • Let’s together make a better world to live in. Be creativie! How far can your imagination go?

From the Young Writers Organisation Team,

Live to Inspire!