As a team, the Young Writers Publications Organization believes that art can portray and illustrate the storyline contained in a particular form of script. Be it Spiritual books, novels, stories, poetry, quotes, music and much more, we believe that a fine piece of art can tell half of the story set before you. Imagine a mere picture adding stronger value to what lies in between the covers of a book? What awaits the reader? What fascinates them upon coming across that book of particular interest? It is the design, type and message that the picture portrays that can tell part of what is still unknown and in fact fills up the mind of the reader with a great deal of curiosity. It’s all about the message behind the piece of art. What’s our story to you? Is the art attached to the script enough to blow you away or perhaps make you spend a minute or two trying to understand its importance and meaning? is it worth your time to sit back and read what we have in store for you? We believe in both Spiritual art with life impacting messages of stories to change your life and art that tells the kind of journey that one takes in their discover of life as itself as well as its meaning. Here is what the Young Writers Publications Organization has to display to the world about the type of art we believe tells half a story. It’s the best of YWP art displayed for you.

‘Scars that Never Fade…..’ a story for the broken, traumatized and those seeking a stable and suitable home full of bliss yet it seeming far beyond the reality. Imagine having to deal with a nightmare robbing you the very thing you wanted most? Imagine facing trauma, heartache and uttermost confusion that leaves behind memories accompanied by tears? It’s a story told not seeming so peaceful yet searching for one thing needed to make a shattering, crumbling and almost falling home worth living in. After all what can one do when the nightmare is the appearing in the shape of the you loved most? That dreadful whip never leaving his hand forever painting a dread of an image of the figure you’d grown to love so much yet is the reason of your greatest torment? Torture that leaves scars to remember by of what may seem to be yet is not. What about th scars that never fade? It’s a story that is told to help voice the weak, the unheard, troubled, distressed and the tormented. It’s a story worth sharing to you all……

‘A Gift of Love……’   probably not your regular type of love story to get you on the edge of the seat filled with wonder and excitement. A  typical love story it may seem to be yet turning out with a twist. Probably not as you pictured? What’s the story then? Heartache, trauma, depression, sadness, confusion, broken promises and failure to accept reality. Shattered within, a life depicting great sorrow and agony. Could there be any form of light at the end of the tunnel? Could things get any better than they seem? A story with a lesson to give you something to think about, something to ponder. What really is the ‘gift of love?’ Want to find out? It’s far beyond what you may think of it to be but are your eyes, despite all that darkens the picture. still able to see the beauty of the gift of love?

‘A Chance for Love…..’ another story worth telling. A tale depicting a different of love yearned for. A story echoing with the sound of one’s desperate hope to see the beauty in what seems so gloomy and a dread. What  can be told when no one seems to see what’s happening around you? What’s to share when deeper sorrow mixed with pain lingers in the dark corners? A bright heart seeming so troubled, a soul crying out for help but no one hears her. Is there anyone good enough to show her the love she so much yearns? Deprived of her happiness, trauma taking the front seat alone side loneliness, depression, brokenness, sorrow and possibly inching closer to the verge of losing herself? A world seeming so flawed with the color of everything full of life but having its beauty slowly being engulfed by the deeper shadows seemingly to be overcoming light? A girl whose cries no one ever hears though she never stops. Locked up in her room sobbing away her deepest sorrows, entertained by terror of night. ‘A shade of gray besides pink’ being the only way to picture a world she so happened to live in? Could she ever find love again? A chance for Love…..

‘Bonds of Friendship…..’ a family tied together by love, not bonded by blood but strong enough to last forever. Distance proving no resistance, yonder seeming to be the only thing notable, but is that all there is to share? Love, joy, sorrow, happiness, loneliness, adventure all in one story? What is the bond that holds a family once separated but brought back together as it were before? Could there be a chance to make their love and friendship last longer than they anticipated it? What is family and what makes a family? Blood ties alone? ‘It’s the bonds of friendship that keeps them together, hoping, certain, though the road ahead seems uncertain, a form of separation their seems to be momently, there comes a time to look back and realize just how far you may have come thus far.’ Though currently seeming to be apart the bonds of friendship are forever cherished……

‘I’m Friends with a Celebrity….’ Rise to shine like a star you were born to be. Embark on a journey that defines the inner talent in you. Fame, fortune, what’s in store when you are aboard the fashion express? A sudden change of style, from regular teenager to most famous icon. From simple average life to chasing after bigger dreams? What more would lie in store for one taking the ride of adventure? Probably a once in a life time kind of experience? So what do you do when a celebrity comes your way? Tag along for the ride! I’m Friends with a Celebrity is your typical fashion tale with an adventure to share…..

‘A Typical Teen Story…..’ explore the tale of a boy whose regular day scholar life takes a new turn when his parents decide to take him to boarding school. New environment, new people. New kind of life, new kind of lessons. With boarding school appearing far much different from regular day school, what lies in store for him when he’s got to adjust to fit his new crowd? Another adventure? You got it! A Typical Teen Story takes through the teen years of a typical teenage boy….

‘A Teen’s Story……’ sequel to ‘A Typical Teen Story’, see this new twist of a teenage girl’s regular life at an all girls’ school drastically change when her parents decide to switch her to Co-Ed, a new school with a new environment, new peers to overcome. An adjustment along the way, how long would she take to feel secure in a place seeming so different from what she’d been accustomed having been in an all girls’ school nearly her entire childhood? This is just another story to tell…..

With some of the featured stories on our site we brought you the best of YWP Art. Now, explore more it proudly brought to you by MJ Slim Comics & Animations coming your way….

Cover art of ‘Lost in Translation’, sample story. The picture itself out to say it all. What story lies behind it? This one amongst the many art pieces…

Not too conclusive, not too detailed simply on point. Girl in the spotlight. What story does it tell? Let the mind explore…

Teenage drama, teenage story. Let it unfold because MJ Slim has done it again. What story can you create from it?

It’s as simple as painting a clear picture for the imaginative writer to create, the captivated reader to be filled with fascination. Keep it simple and clear.

YWP Art proudly brought to you by MJ Slim Comics & Animations….

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