Hello dear writers out there, we as the Young Writers Publications Team are proud to say that we’ve been thrilled with the tremendous response you’ve shown towards registration and our activation of your accounts. Because our a website is still new, barely two months old since the launch on 12th September, 2017, we are updating it to meet and match your services. Now that we have a tremendous number of active users on our site, we wish to guide you on how to successfully post and share your work on your writer account. When you firstly login, the first thing you are likely to see is this:

It may be this picture which upon clicking on the ‘plus’ icon in the top left corner would bring this:


Or at other times when you login into your writer user account the first thing you would see would be this:



Following a similar procedure as in the first picture you would see on your screen, as before, click on the ‘plus’ icon in the top left corner and it will bring this:

Before you can think of posting new content on our site by clicking the ‘post’ option showing on the top left corner, if you wish to explore other published content, scroll down the ‘Dasboard’ page which you would be led to as shown in the above photo. Upon logining into your writer account, you might be led to the Dashboard page and you will see a list of published stories in an orderly manner according to title, time and date the content was published as shown below:

Clicking on any one of the stories with their titles highlighted in blue colour will lead you to the post itself and from there it will lead you to the story of particular interest to you as shown below:

This will lead to this post of September 18th, 2017, Tears Shadow of My Past, Chapter one as shown below:

If what you had been led to was the ‘Home Page’ , you will see the column down the page comprising of published content and clicking on any one of them will lead you to the post of particular interest to you the reader. If you wish to post something new of your own, you can click ‘the post’ option in the top left corner and you will be led to this page:


That is the writer section where whatever content you wish to share with the public, the readers, will be posted by you the writer from here. You will find all that you need to write, edit, add photos and other necessary things on this very write section with the title of each new script to be inserted above as shown in the previous picture. Your writer pad when you come to this section will appear as this:

You can type, edit add media from here and do all the other things before posting your content to the blog where content is sent. To add media, simply click on the option of ‘Add Media’ and this will appear:

The media may be added anywhere in your post be it at the top, middle or the bottom the choice is up to you concerning what picture of whichever kind you wish to add to your script as well. Once you’ve typed, edited and probably added media content to your script, to make it easier to find your post, select one of the categories to which your post ought to be directed concerning Spiritual Teachings, books, short stories, art, drama, life, fiction and much of the categories by selecting the category of your choice as shown below:


Once that is done, you can click on the ‘publish’ option to publish your post as in the sample story, Tears Shadow of My Past, Chapter Four shown below:

Once you publish your script into the category of your choice,  you will be able to find it by simply clicking on ‘view post’ and it bearing a permalink address enables you to share it where ever you wish to on any other socia media of your choice. To whom you share the link to, clicking on it leads them directly to our website and directly to the post’s location on the blog and as a reader you may enjoy easy access and sharing of content anywhere you go. The following picture  shows the permalink of the sample story, Tears Shadow of My Past, Chapter Four posted in the category of books of the blog and clicking ‘view post’ would enable the writer to locate it as shown below:

When you view it this will show up on your screen:

We’ve shown you all the necessary steps to guide the writer when using the writer account and we hope that you will be able to explore and use the other features that you have been provided with. Thanks for signing up for a Young Writers Publications writer account and we wish to make our work known worldwide.

From the Young Writers Publications Team,

Live To Inspire!