• The Young Writers’ Publications Organization as stated in the introduction is a foundation created to improve the literature sector in our country and to provide funds for charity within the country and elsewhere if need be.
  • Its formation was to give writers both young and old an opportunity to make use of their talents. It holds no restrictions on the age of the literature contributor.
  • The organization is in full authority over issues related to its operation and owns all content shared on its website. Fraudulent acts of cheap imitations and copyrights of its material is illegal highly un-regarded.
  • All the members (Founders, writers and animation/graphic designers, sponsors) are to work within the terms and conditions of the firm. Any member unwilling to comply to the organization’s terms would leave the Young Writer’s Publications’ team no choice but to expel them from the organization and have the website accounts terminated without question. The Organization is set up on peace and unity and if anyone is to oppose the set goals, their contribution to the organization would become null and void hence termination of their works.
  • The Young Writers’ Publications’ Organization holds legal rights, views and communication to the society. Any sort of restriction without a stated reason would be only be a hindrance to the organization’s work. All members and contributors before partnership are advised to be trustworthy and cooperative, to have similar goals and perspectives as the organization so as to ensure continued unity and successful achievements of its roles in society.
  • The organization will have fraudster and theft protection thus any form of malpractice would not been taken lightly when dealing with deliberate offenders.
  • All features on the Young Writers’ Publications Organization website were agreed and considered by the founders during the formation of the firm. Any future modifications would be brought to action by the consultation of the four founders or by any appointed body of the Young Writers’ Publications Organization body chosen and supervised by the founders themselves.
  • Members caught sharing discreditable content contradicting to the approved content to be found on the website would have their content removed and their accounts terminated upon warning should they still insist on sharing the content on the website even after the restriction alert shows up in their accounts.
  • The foundation urges the general public to share genuine and original content with rights claiming to be theirs. Should they provide copyrighted information the results that lead to that direct offense to the original owner of such content would be out of the hands of the Young Writers’ Publications Organization. Be wise. Don’t be FRAUDSTERS!
  • No part of the website (Its domain name, features, content, account designs and others) is to be copied and distributed for the purpose of trade. Young Writers’ Publications has FRAUDSTER PROTECTION!
  • To become members of the organization, any free-spirited person or persons with similar views, goals, and perspectives is/are free to partner with the Young Writers’ Publications Organization provided that they comply with the terms of service and ensure that unity and cooperation is observed always.
  • Anyone wishing to be a contributor to the contents of the Young Writers’ Publications Organization website is free to create their own personal account upon provision of all the necessary information required. The website may be visited by any nonmember but full access of the features available would be only for full-time account holders on the website.
  • Anyone wishing to create an account of their own on the Young Writers’ Publications Organization website will have access to their own user profile from which they can decide to use it as a contributor (Writer’s profile) or reader/viewer’s profile. Anyone can write and share stories on the website once they own a user profile.
  • The content held on the Young Writers’ Publications Organization website is free to share on any other sort of media but all shared content would bear the organization’s features, labels, and logos. No unauthorized duplication or download would be permitted to the public.
  • The website was initially designed to help make known African stories around the world but there aren’t any restrictions on foreign contributors. The website is an international platform for all writers across the world and hence it’s open to anyone who would love contribute their literature on the website.
  • Once shared on the website, all content is freely accessible to anyone around the world without restriction to the writer sharing such content. He or she, however, is free to remove any of their shared content if they choose to edit or permanently delete them.
  • The best-shared stories from either locally or internationally would be given credit by The Young Writers’ Publications Organization and would be published and sold out as best-selling novels/ stories to society. All shared content on the website is in softcopy format (e-book and videos not on DVD or CD) and it is the response of the fans or website viewers’ demands to have possession of hard copy books, DVDs, and CDs of the shared content that would lead to the production and distribution of the well-loved website content locally and internationally.
  • All writers sharing their content on the website are free to share their softcopy format of their writings on the Young Writers’ Publications Organization website and publish their works if they so wish for any market purposes of their own.
  • The writers whose stories receive credits agree that the Young Writers’ Publications Organization is free without their consultation to publish and distribute their works to the public. This is in line that all shared content on the organization’s website immediately becomes the property of the Young Writers’ Publications Organization.
  • The best-selling stories receiving credits are the animators and graphic designers working piece. If they are impressed by the content they have their rights to make either a live or animated video of the story/novel getting most of the readers’/ website viewers’ attention. The animators and graphic designers are also free to produce videos of any story of their kind upon giving credit to the authors.
  • The Young Writers’ Publications Organization was formed only for the purpose to offer freely accessed online e-books to all readers around the world. The books’ cover pages, inserts, photos, animations and videos, the audio stories, poetry, quotes, short clips, prologues, epilogues, trailers and much more content found on the website is freely accessible to all readers/viewers.
  • The Young Writers’ Publications Organization serves as an international foundation. All its terms and conditions of service apply to any contributor, member or account holder on the website around the world. No unauthorized restrictions or favoritism will be given to anyone responsible of the organization’s website content.
  • The advertising rights of the Young Writers’ Publications Organization are held by the four founders of the organization and by the financial body in partnership with the founders. Any media advertising without both parties consent would be considered as an illegal act of service.
  • The Young Writers’ Publications Organization supports both writers and animators/graphic designers. Both parties hold equal rights and benefits of the full use of the website. Both are one team with one goal!
  • Provided that all the members and contributors of the Young Writers’ Publications Organization are willing to comply with all the conditions of service stated in this policy, The Young Writers’ Publications Organization will be more than eager to interact with everyone that is part of the firm.
  • All the above terms of service were agreed upon by the founders of the Young Writers’ Publications Organization and would be modified later on in future if any changes need to be done to the updated Young Writers’ Publications Organization Policy.