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Currently to be running this month is Shimmer of Hope, a story about holding on to that very ounce of what is left to live for, a sign of there being a ray of a better tomorrow even when all seems lost, forgotten and probably covered up by the dark. But look on, shield your eyes and watch for the rays of light that dance about tbe skies lighting night into brighter day. For it takes to seem that shimmer of light is holding on, believing, letting the light touch your lightly closed light and reach for the shimmer of hope beyond. Follow Catherine and Isaac’s story as it unfolds and takes you on a journey of a kind. Shimmer of Hope starts this month!

Later on in the course of the month of March comes a new story called Tears, Shadow Of My Past. Antony and Erica’s relationship gets on rocky grounds when secrets of the past begin to unfold putting their relationship on the brink. With so much coming to break the two apart will they fight for their love or lose it? Will Erica stay or will she leave? Will Antony fight or give up on her? This is one story to keep you glued to the screen! You will not want to miss this tale! Stay in touch as Tears, Shadow of My Past comes in late March.

Also coming up soon is the adventure filled story, I’m Friends with a Celebrity book two! After a teenage celeb’s image gets dented Milimo has to find her way back to herself and get back on her feet. With Audrey’s rise to fame the journey has yet to reveal more of what lies ahead in store for them. In book one Shannice made a grand appearance after being unheard of and seen for quite a long time. Where had she been hiding? There is a lot coming in book two as the three celebs find their way through their fashion shows in SA. Though thrilling it certainly isn’t going to be any easy for Ms Pretty in Pink International when she finds her way to fashion in a place where so much is there to challenge her fame. Will she stay strong and face her peers or will her career crumble? Stay tuned as I’m Friends with a Celebrity continues in book two coming soon!!

Special one coming some time during the course of the year!

I’m Friends with a Celebrity book three! Someone’s been missing in action for too long don’t you think? All the way from the other side of the world she comes dashing back into the fashion business. After being away for far too long she felt that an official comeback would be  enough to show just what she’s had in store for her fans! What tale awaits her? Cholwe comes back from China and gives the Pretty in Pink International gang a good old adventure like the old times. Watch out for this one. A little sneak peak in this tale just to get you excited for this fashion express kind of tale. I’m Friends with A Celebrity book three!

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