Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation…….

It had been a fateful night to remember, my friend running errands with some business gang that no one had even the foggiest idea of what it was that they dealt with. Rumours had it that they were drug dealers, probably it was just a hunch. I had intel that they were part of the looters residing in the outskirts of Lusaka. Four tiresome days and sleepless nights but I still had nothing. My boss’ hands were already at my throat! The man was sick and daring enough to kill me hadn’t I produced the info he needed about the leading crooks of the big city whom for lack of intel everyone spared me a scrutiny look gazing and seeming to be suspecting me to be some mob gang leader. I felt my palms pespire…my mug of coffee was going to slip but I kept my grip as firm as I possibly could grasp it. Sweat was drippling from my temples and my loose tight still felt to be at ninety degress. What was this? Pressure? Was it? No way! I was dead scared! Time was ticking and my boss wasn’t sparing me any. Timidly surveying the surrounding I saw my colleagues look at me still not blinking they seemed to be. Come on people, can’t you cut some officer some slack? I fumbled with the paper work. Nothing was happening. How was I to pin down this still pending case? Was that how being in the security felt like? Nail a couple of rookie baddies and next the onlookers think you are veteran cop? No way! I was still learning my job. I needed to get a breather but with the way everyone was staring I needed no genius to tell me that four apprehending the last four menaces of Woodlands, they at least expected me to get a lead on the most recent crime.

Time was ticking, the clock’s sound was getting on my nerves. I was fidgety and from the drumming in my ears I could tell that those sharp back and forth footsteps were those of none other than the boss himself. Oh, no I’m dead meat! How will I explain myself? Too late! The man already found his way into my mini cube of an office and folding his hands to hear to what I had to say I only had to listen to his speech

“Simon”, very gruff and fluent was his tone, “I believe you’ve word for me”,  he gave me a scrutiny look and added, “Don’t you?”

Panic broke out. What now? I clumsily tosssed my papers and clickboard to the floor and the man’s eyes followed my steady hands placing them back on the table whilst the sheepish feeling sunk in. Eyes squared and more scary than ever. What was with this big man?

“Simon?” He called me again and this time I answered almost in a whisper.


“The lead on the case? Do you have it?” he asked squaring even miore.

“Um…..well……” what was I to say? This man was waiting for my reply but I had completely none.