Young Writers’ Publications is an organization that was initially formed to better the state of the nation’s Literature sector by giving young and skillful writers a different view about writing. Its so purpose is to offer all writers both young and old a chance to showcase their work to the world and give them a different view of modern Literature. If we could change the way the world see’s Literature, imagine what we could accomplish with a book that could not only bring about adventure, drama, love, life lessons and entertainment but with it one could help someone understand the course of life. To help our spiritual faith grow by not just showcasing entertaining stories but stories that bring us more close than we were before and hence working on the bonds we have to share. To bring the gospel of Jesus closer to our hearts by inspiring life stories that bring us closer to God.


Our goal as the team of the Young Writers’ Publications Organization is to help out upcoming writers pursue their dreams of becoming a writer amongst other life careers. A goal to help out the nation with our provision of funds to those in need. What’s our goal then? Our goal is to help our dear friends and the young adults striving to earn a living. The families out there in need of financial support. If Young Writers’ Publications could not only focus on helping the Literature sector but rather provide a certain percentage of its funds (It’s a non- profiting Organization!), from part of it dedicated to the general running of the organization and it’s website, for the production and distribution of its well-loved books, how much more can we offer to society if we could get others connected and inspired by our work? A goal to help better our world in giving and supporting those whose dreams they would like fulfilled but due to certain circumstances they can cannot pursue them any further. If we could offer as much support and care to society and the best life-teaching books our organization could distribute, wouldn’t we make our world a whole lot better than it is? How far can your imagination go? Would you help support the people in need out there? Would you help inspire our young generation who may have not been accustomed to the beauty contained in the contents of a fine book’s pages? To help our dreams come true? Together there’s a whole lot more we can achieve if we were and stayed connected together. One Team, One Vision, One Ambition and One Goal!!!


The ownership and foundation of the Young Writers’ Publications’ Organization is jointly owned by four individuals who dedicated their work to see to it that the foundation was a success. And of course they are lots of other people that are included especially they that fund us. We could never be truly grateful for they that would be the financial resource to the organization. Our gratitude would therefore be dedicated to every contributing member of the foundation from the sponsors to the people helping to run it. The idea to form such an organization was initially brought up by a young man named David Lungu who contributed most of its efforts to setting up the structure of the Young Writers’ Foundation. He may be thought of as the Chief Executive Officer and owner of the foundation but with due respect to his colleagues who played a major role he included them in the founder records. It’s a jointly owned organization and it isn’t considered as to be successful due to entirely the efforts of one person. So, David Lungu together with his colleagues: Sharon Phiri, the Administrator, Janet Nachimata the Co-administrator and Cedric Chuuma the Video Production Manager of the organization’s animations, together these are the owners of Young Writers’ Publications.